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Stag Party Belfast Northern Ireland – One To Remember

The tradition of bachelor parties goes back quite a while, the concept revolving around preparing the target individual for the fate that waits for them within the institution of marriage while allowing them to revel in the activities of the old life.

A stag party in Belfast Northern Ireland operates within pretty much the same parameters as most stag parties around the world, usually weighed down by the difficulties of cost and pricing in hosting a luxurious and entertaining few hours.

True, the purpose of a stag party is to have riotous fun… that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break your wallet to create the memories.

There are an infinite number of ideas that you can make use of to make the best of your stag party in the most explosive yet wallet friendly and least extravagant manner.

And this is the role that Raceview karting plays, allowing party goers to experience this oldest of traditional events, transforming a costly and sometimes chaotic stag party into a time of merry making and child hood wonder.

Raceview stands out by bringing to the table a skill it has perfected ever since its debut in 2001, making available a wild buffet of circuits within which to host a wide variety of events, especially group activities.

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Raceview hits the ground running, not merely providing a buffet of activities to indulge the most raucous of party goers, but making available it services at competitively low prices, allowing for easy affordability in the stag party environment, making available a variety of packages both for individuals and groups at insanely low pricing.

Whoever said karting and karting services were expensive never heard of Raceview. Yet the nature of pricing is best appreciated through the lens of the availed activities and services to entertain stag party goers, the most impressive and mid blowing of which- for those less inclined to take to the track- is the F1 simulator.

It is probably because there is no other similarly offered service in the UK that Raceview’s F1 simulator is like nothing any one might have ever experienced, in a system that, using three screens, transplants the mind of the user into the mentality of an F1 racer, providing real world simulations of twists and turns of a real life F1 racer in an actual F1 car.

This is no video game, taking advantage of an interface and graphical capabilities that bring the event that is F1 racing to life.

Raceview brings to the table state of the art facilities, a portion of which are indeed open to the public to book for stag parties and partake in the fun generating madness that Raceview has to offer. The environment brings to happy party goers realistically challenging circuits in a fully ventilated set up with viewing spaces available to watch the multiple race events made available over two levels of track.

The circuits are fully fitted for night time, with efficient flood lights, a multiple race formats designed to take advantage of the different natural elements to create a more competitive atmosphere, especially with regards to drift karting.

Outside the actual action of racing, you are looking at the sophisticated viewing space that is the private fully ventilated Monaco room for party goers to enjoy the race through ceiling high windows, that is if they are not too busy using the space to further their party exploits; though while just as capable of adapting into a party room, the space can also allow for some peace and quiet against the sometimes overwhelming engine sounds. Check out our facilities.

Those completely uninterested in the racing activities on offer can take to the café, making available an offering of cold and hot food articles, the ample seating room allowing for the congregation of a considerable crowd, especially in the event of any indoor racing activities.

Besides that, and of course no one can complain about the ample ventilation provided.

With briefing rooms, to allow for a formal racing atmosphere, changing facilities, the provision of necessary attire such as helmets and balaclavas, Raceview is more than a suitable space within which to hold a stag party in Belfast Northern Ireland.

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Stag Party Belfast Northern Ireland